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Graphic of the awardThis award recognizes those individuals who give selfless service to their classmates in the Studio in the way of extraordinary help and support. It is named in honor of Allen Bullock, a graduate of the IT Department. Besides doing exemplary work in the Studio, Allen’s classmates would constantly tell the faculty, without prompting, how much they appreciated his help and support. Allen always seemed to be there when someone needed help, critical feedback, a word of encouragement, or just someone to listen. Interestingly, Allen never felt he was doing anything out of the ordinary. Awardees, like Allen, should not think their help and support are unusual by their own standards. (Although we hope all Studio participants will aspire to win this award, it is wise to remember: "If you think you deserve it, you probably don't.")

Mark Caponigro - Fall, 2008

Jennifer Lortz - Summer, 2008

David Porcaro - Summer, 2008

Carrie Coker Bishop - Spring, 2008

Audra Edwards - Spring, 2008

Lucas Jensen - Spring, 2008

Daisyane Barreto - Fall, 2007

Emily Pitts - Spring, 2007

Hsing-Mei (Rita) Kung - Fall, 2006

Michael Tsao - Fall, 2006

Jina Tollett - Summer, 2006

Saif Altalib - Fall, 2005

Sherry Love - Fall, 2004

Ericka Mayweather - Fall, 2004

Jennifer Morris - Fall, 2004

Jon Scoresby - Spring, 2004

Saeid Roushanzamir - Spring, 2004

Bill Gray - Fall, 2003

SamMin Lee - Fall, 2003

Ben Rockwood - Fall, 2002

Skeeter Foster - Fall, 2002

Shayle Ablekop - Spring, 2002

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