Here is a step-by-step instruction to define a remote site on your Dreamweaver and put files to your remote server in order to make it available on the Web.

1. Click on "Manage Site" on Site menu in Dreamweaver(DW).

Click on manage sites under Site menu.

2. Select the folder you have created your files on and then click on Edit.

Select your folder and click Edit

3. This is an important step. Follow very closely.

3.1. Select Servers not Site on the lefthand menu.
3.2. Enter the server name as "MyWeb" without quote.
3.3. Connect Using WebDAV. Click on the arrows to select WebDAV.
3.4. Enter URL just like this:
3.5. Enter your UGA MyID.
3.6. Enter your password associated with UGA MyID.
3.7. Check the save button.
3.8. Click on Test. If successful, it will give you the success message.
3.9. For Web URL, enter:
3.10. Click Save.

4. Click Done.
click save

5. Now, we work with Files panel in the right hand side.
Look at the second row: You are now working on the DW CIB folder in your Local View.
Do you see the first button in the third row? Looking like the two plugs? coolconnected? Click on it to make it connected. This means you are connected to the remote server you just set up.

6. Once connected, click on the file you want to upload to MyWeb. In this case, click on lesson05 folder and then click on the blue top arrow button. This will say "Put files" This means you are putting files to the My Web.

local view

7. Once done, change the local view to remote view. You will see the lesson05 folder. This means lesson05 folder is now located in the Web.

Remote server in Files panel

8. Now, let's check and see the Web. Open the Internet browser and type the URL. Do not put www because you are going to a site that is available in your Netstorage (MyWeb) area not in the World Wide Web. Replace leee to your UGA My ID. To see the about.html file, I typed the following.

Hope this is clear and everyone works this.
Any questions? Email Eunbae at

Last modified: Thursday, 17 June 2010, 03:47 PM